quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2008

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West Bank (Burns/Sayer)

Mother held back her tears as she said goodbye
She must be so proud of me
It’s not everyday your son, proves he’s not afraid to die
I washed my hands and packed my clothes
The brightest whites from head to toe
Hopped on a bus that left Amman
For the most important hajj I’d ever been on

Lets go down to the West Bank
Lets go we’ll have our fun
Lets go down to the West Bank
Lets go tell everyone

She must be so proud of me

I had everything in place I had my objectives in mind
I had planned so carefully
Reasons not to be here well
I heard them all
But none of them could change my mind
It’s drastic measures for drastic times
The bus I rode through Jerusalem
Was the shortest hajj I’ve ever been on

Lets go down to the West Bank
Lets go we’ll have our fun
Lets go down to the West Bank
Lets go tell everyone
We’re going down and you know we’re going down

She must be so proud of me now

Incomplete Action (Burns/Sayer)

Although, it’s a dream living on the road
With wide eyes heading towards places unknown
But sometimes, sometimes it’s so cold
When the faces here lack the compassion of home

I lie awake, in a rusted euro-van
With people who hurt inside and find it hard to hide it at this time
And the people I know back home
Say they envy the road I’m on
But how could they know
There’s never been a time I felt so low

And Suddenly I feel like I can’t get up
Something comes over me
And I fell incomplete

Day and night I stay alone in a crowd
Longing friendship though old friends are around
So how, how could it be so
Well there’s no unity in this dream
I reached for it and found out its fiction

What a mistake to be here now
What a mistake to be here now

Incomplete actions are all that I’ve found
Poisoning everyone and thing that’s around
Only hope carries me from town to town
Were still I find I’m just alone in a crowd
Of locals having a time that I wish I knew
And unlike me they’ll have a home to go to
Unlike me
Man its fiction

Suddenly I feel like I can’t get up
Something comes over me
And I fell incomplete

So now I just lay here
‘cause everything I had is dead inside this van

Room 322 (Burns/Sayer)

What’s holding me down is a form of torture
That was touching my there then
And still reaching me now
Will I escape it
I’ve tried a thousand times

Oh, how can you lecture
Me on my life
When I’ve been to hell
Well I don ‘t need anyone to tell me
I’m not trying to be something better
Then what I was

So here I am suspend
Locked in my room and stuck in bed
At least I’m alive
But still I’ll have
Nightmares that tonight
Will be the same as last night
It’s the same same fight we have everytime
Escaping Amman

I’ve tried a thousand times
And fell a thousand times
And it’s adding up
So add it up

Shows What We Know (Burns/Kashani)

They’re too young to really know about what’s going on
They’re fascination with their new surroundings
They can be quite overwhelming
They put the blinders on and they don’t see the larger picture at all

Somewhere along the way, there was a change in thinking
And everyone lost sight of the one thing they were seeking
The individual was forced out as clicks doubled
It’s a scene’s demise when they ostracize originality

And what I want to know is how you justify
The hypocrisy in your in your quest to impress others
Your actions defy the words that you say
Do they mean anything
Shows what you know shows what we know

Walk Alone
(Originally recorded, released, and preformed by The Observers; Music & Lyrics by Douglas Burns)

I walk through streets where I’m a stranger
Seeking out a new direction
Lost in crowds of endless people
Who look the same
Invisible to the masses
A foreigner with no companions
Don’t ask why ‘cause I’m too tired to explain

As I walked I was corner by a man a proud veteran

Asking me for some money but I walked on

He cried out he was hungry he risked his life for his country
But alas I had no money and I walked on
And no one noticed at all

Someone catch me I’ve got no legs to stand on

Hanging over me are paths that I can’t fallow
I’m fearless but I’ve found I’m in over my head
Reaching out for someone now

Well I’m sick of my state and this place I’m out of touch with it
I just want something different then what I’m feeling right now

So I walk and I wander searching for a sense of amity

But some things but some things never come
Some things never come at all

Someone catch me I’ve got no legs to stand on
Hanging over me are truths that I can’t swallow
I’m fearless but I’ve found I’m in over my head
Reaching out for someone now

Independent (Burns/Kashani/Sayer)


No More Time
For your constraints Fascista
Critical eyes are upon you
You censure restrictions
But limit those around you

So what is the difference man

Jahiliyyah Fascista
But thank you for the world you give us

Thank you all for your love
And your guidance most of all
But I feel I’m now inclined
To seek logic in my life
Independent of all

I’m not your soldier now
And no, no I’m not your saint
You took my innocents
And I’ve taken all I can take

Fascista Oh, you’re hallow

Jahiliyyah Fascista
But thank you for the world you give us
But what is the difference man

Everyday Distraction (Burns/Red Dons)

Everyday something happens
Without warning new distractions
Keeping me from what I’m after
Everyday the same thing happens

I try hard to be a person
That’s on a course towards success then
I’m distracted by a vision
I’ll never see to fruition

Hold on as time’s slipping away
And there isn’t anything to show for what I am ‘cuz
I’ve spent my life chasing a dream that’s ruined everything
I once had somehow

Somehow someday I’ll be fine until then
I find it hard, hard to get by

My love my worth is minimal and it’s just criminal
How our time is strained
But I work so hard to get ahead and give you everything that I have

Somehow I just can’t explain why I feel
Find it hard, hard to get by

Everyday something happens Everyday something happens
Everyday Distraction
Find me lost as days slip by faster

Everyday it’s the same
It takes a piece of me everyday oh-way-oh
Distracted by a dream that seems will only just amount to nothing

Everyday is the same
Take a look at me a tragedy oh-way-oh
Unable to accomplish things of worth a fool, a fraud, a failure

Everyday something happens

Terminal (Burns/Kashani/Red Dons)

How long can we hold on

Besides years what keeps us together
We play our parts but whom do we care for
We don’t touch we don’t even talk
And we never ever get anything that we want

Let me apologize
That day to day not a lot has changed
Nothing at all but the feeling of
Love has changed its so much different now
Different now

How long can this go on
Everyday I’m holding your telephone calls

In a mid-west town
I lay awake in the bed of a different girl
Thinking of you
Feeling no mistake
Had been made
Outside of hurting you
I hurt you

How long we’re terminal

Yesterday, I wrote you a letter
Explaining how we shouldn’t be together
But somehow it never got mailed

I run away
From the pain
Not like a man
But I know no better way

How long
When we’re terminal

Just Write, Romeo (Burns/Sayer)

Simply put it’s a case of delusional
People who feel they’ve finally found true love
Which makes it hard
More hard for them than anyone
To be apart isn’t love so wonderful

So listen

Though Jah’s MIA and we’re stranded
In New York the city with the double name
Who are we to come between this kind of thing
Destined to be the love of our century

So basically we’re taught
That if he had been caught
It never would had mattered
‘cuz his mind was simply lost
‘cuz you can’t rationalize
With single-minded kinds
He had to go and leave us for love

Oh know, where did you go Romeo

So listen
It took twelve days
For one love
To destroy everything

Sneaking off to with bags
No one knows he’s away
Romeo boards a plane
And gets away
At least he’s got his priorities straight

Oh know, where did you go Romeo

He’s derelict
But a model for all

Happiness (Burns/Sayer)

Gotta give up on this feeling
It’s frustrating how easily you’re coerced
Into fits of anger
Daniel laughs he knows I’ve said a mouthful

Even as we laugh we can’t escape the feeling
That we’re falling down, falling down
It was a much shorter trip than I expected

Laughing at ourselves as we amount to nothing
Life is pretty hard but there is one thing that’s sure
The falling apart is easy
Fall apart now

Happiness comes when you get to the point
Of giving up hope of escaping the second class coach

This City (Burns/Red Dons)

There is nothing for me
In this City
What a waste of time
Nothing works out at all

Well the road it greets me
Oh so warmly
Though I’m here now
You know I can’t stay long
I’m just a wanderers child
Searching for my home

And, there is nothing for me
In this City
What a waste of time
Nothing works out at all
Nothing works out at all

Well just this morning
The sun was shining
On a place where I’ve never been
So I packed my bags and hit the road again
You know it’s not that close
But it’s not too far
For a wanderers child
For a vagabond

There is nothing for me
In this City
What a waste of time
Nothing works out at all

Hajji Takes a Ride (Burns/Sayer)

Survival’s all oh no

Hajji crouches down in the back of his cab
A thousand Muslim surround him wanting his head
He lays still in the seat just moments from death

Well I guess have to
Just ride this one out, oh no

Driver stares at him as he clings to the floor
Hajji hides with no help
It’s survival you know

Will he ever be seen
He’s about to find out
How odd, how odd his life would be on the line
Just for crossing town at this time

Survival’s all
You can hope for
In Wadi Al-seer
Take a ride through Amman
And face all your fears

No Pain (Burns/Red Dons)

Death to your ideals death to them
You’ll denounce me but freedom came when
I lost my idealism
And you see that you don’t understand
How far I fell

It’s all about the mistake that we made
To believe in anything
No, no you see that I don’t understand
Your heart this time
How do you no pain

Faces inside, sang me a somber tune
So I escaped outside
Where in my solitude I was struck down from behind
Oh, but what then got to me
Wasn’t getting jumped that night
It was when I returned to your cold uncaring eyes
They couldn’t have cared if I had died

That night left me alone
And it’s never felt so cold
With nothing there for me I
Dragged my body my body down the stairs
And out into the cold damp empty streets
Of an ongoing hell I’ll tell you now
It’s a trick a fix that needs a fix
And the only sign of life was the sound of an ambulance
How can I justify wanting to be in it as it drives by
Taking me where I can rectify everything that’s wrong
Where I feel no pain
No pain, everything falls apart and I feel no pain